Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic and Mediterranean Cruising on board Lady M

Progress aboard Timing in ‘The Lagoon’

We have now been in the lagoon for about 3 weeks and still we don’t feel we have managed to explore much of the island!  Time has flown by so I guess we have been busy….  We have become very familiar with all the chandeleries, many different types of marine services, the daily cruiser’s net that is run by Mike from Shrimpy’s on the French side, etc., etc. and now.. Read More

www.secondwindtayana.com -> www.handhsailing.com

Hope and Howard have a new web-site. It is www.handhsailing.com and it replaces www.secondwindtayana.com for obvious reasons! For the next few months, visitors will be redirected automatically to the new web-site, but sometime in July, the old site will expire. Just click on the new site link above and add it to your favourites, to continue to hear all about Hope and Howard’s adventures on board their lovely new yacht.. Read More

More adventures on our way to Sint Maarten

Well, it seems the passage from the BVI to Sint Maarten (i.e. the Dutch side) was yet again to offer challenges to us.  The forecast was for rather light east to southeasterly winds so we expected to have to motor quite a bit of the way to make headway into the wind. We set off from Virgin Gorda around 1:30pm on Tuesday in bright sunshine with a lovely light breeze.. Read More

Back to the BVI and heading to St Martin

We came back to the BVI on Wednesday, enjoying a short but exhillarating close-hauled sail from Francis Bay to Sopers Hole at the west end of Tortola.  We even reefed the main en route due to gusts of ~26 knots and found it so much easier than it would have been on SW.  However, the wind just didn’t let up so in light of a shortage of moorings due to.. Read More

Completing the circuit of St John

It has been a while since our last post and we have been exploring a bit more of St John since then while becoming more familiar with Timing’s systems and performance in various conditions, so there is a bit of catching up to do.  From Coral Bay, we left Rams Head to starboard and headed west.  There was a good breeze that day (as there has been for a couple.. Read More