Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic and Mediterranean Cruising on board Lady M

Turkey – Ports near Marmaris

For our first sail with Jim and Tina, we chose Ciftlik, less than 12 miles south of Marmaris, but we ended up logging 16 miles after beating into the wind.  It was an interesting sail.  We started off at about noon with about 1.5 knots of wind and ended up with 15 – 20 knots by 3pm.  We have come to realize that late morning/afternoon onshore winds are the norm.. Read More

Rhodes to Marmaris, Turkey

It is hard to believe that we have been in Turkey for about three weeks now …. time has flown by, probably because we have been having such a lovely time.  The 25nm sail across from Rhodes to Marmaris was fairly fast with wind a bit aft of the beam most of the way until we were within a few miles of Marmaris.  Checking into Turkey was made simple for.. Read More


The passage from Pigadhia, Karpathos to Lindos, Rhodes was about 57 nautical miles so we set off earlier than usual, shortly after 8 am.  We still had to make good speed in order to arrive and be settled well before dark.  Initially, it seemed the wind was teasing us as we thought it was filling in so we would turn the engine off and set the sails for downwind sailing,.. Read More