Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic and Mediterranean Cruising on board Lady M

Gulf Stream to Chesapeake

As we approached the Gulf Stream, it was interesting to watch how the water temperature rose in places and was a bit cooler in others, presumably due to eddies. We entered the Gulf Stream around 10:00pm on Friday and would hardly have known it, apart from the curve northward in our track despite keeping a constant heading; the sea was remarkably calm, as, unfortunately was the wind. Still, with relatively.. Read More

Sunny Skies and Calm Seas ….Long may they last

Although we managed to do some more sailing on Wednesday, we have been gently motor-sailing for about 46 hours now since Wednesday evening but doing a very respectable 6-7 and sometimes even 8 knots with clear skies, calm seas and a gentle cooling breeze. The wind speed since Wednesday has been mainly in the 3-7 it range, not ideal for sailing or reaching port sooner (see last paragraph). The 6-8.. Read More

Timing en route for the Chesapeake

Our delayed departure (due to generator issues) has, as Chris Parker predicted, cost us in terms of sailing conditions. Having resolved the generator issues late on Monday, we were loathe to depart Bermuda in the dark so elected to try to leave as early as we could yesterday. By then the rain had cleared up so, unlike the other Salty Dawgs, we departed in sunshine with mainsail up going through.. Read More

Departing Bermuda

From the warm initial welcome when clearing in and from everyone we have encountered during our short stay here in Bermuda, it is with sad hearts that we are departing today, even if the weather hasn’t been most cooperative, I.e., somewhat wet and even chilly!  We especially enjoyed spending most of Sunday with my high school friend, Sheila and Steve who showed us where the Americas Cup teams that are.. Read More

We made it to Bermuda

The second half of our passage wasn’t quite so fast.  A low was forecast to pass just above Bermuda so we reduced sail in anticipation of some stronger winds, especially overnight but in fact we never saw anything much above 20 knots.  We seemed to manage to stay just below the pre-frontal trough associated with the low and only saw some light rain as we approached Bermuda.  I am also.. Read More

Two Days out and half-way to Bermuda!

We have had fantastic sailing since we left the BVI just over two days ago.. and Timing has been in her element as we pointed her due North towards Bermuda, easily doing 8+ knots in the steady 15-20 knot easterly winds. We broke a personal record for all 3 of us onboard when we sailed 200 n miles in the first 24 hours and almost repeated the feat in the.. Read More

To USVI, then BVI and preparations for Salty Dawg Rally to Chesapeake

Well, I don’t know where the time has gone.  It is ages since I took the photo as we were exiting the lagoon into Simpson Bay and thence heading back to St Thomas with our newly acquired used dinghy on the deck.  It was a much easier and less eventful overnight passage than on the way to St Martin; downwind sailing in winds ranging from 5 to about 17 knots.. Read More