Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic and Mediterranean Cruising on board Lady M

First Visitor of the Season

Tarkan, our rigger, returned to Lady Mayfair the day before our new mainsail was due to arrive. He swapped out our mainsail furling line (which involved re-splicing the continuous line) as the thicker line was jamming in the furling drum and he re-tuned the rigging after the mast had settled back into position. So, just 5 days after ordering our sail and 4 days after measuring, our new sail was.. Read More

Hello to a New Season

Our Easter Sunday was spent on passage, a pretty good way of enjoying it in our opinion. The passage from Karacoren to Marmaris we estimated would take us about 7 hours, assuming we maintained an average speed of about 6 knots so we didn’t have the luxury of hanging around. While we had the engine on all the way, we did unfurl the genoa a couple of times, which helped.. Read More