Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic and Mediterranean Cruising on board Lady M


The original plan after leaving Fri was to head for Tristomo (a lagoon with a narrow entrance at the NE end of Karpathos), Chalki (an island off the W coast of Rhodes), and then Mandraki (at the NE end of Rhodes), following the western coasts of Karpathos and Rhodes. However, after further review of the forecast and consultation with the cruisers Greece sailing guide we decided to follow the eastern.. Read More

Crete to Kasos

We are happy with our decision to stay in Siteia until the strong Meltemi wind receded.  It seems the eastern end of Crete tends to be windy because the northerly winds funnel around the end of Crete between the two southernmost Dodecanese islands, Kasos and Karpathos.  Sunday was the peak so we stayed onboard most of the day, checking and rearranging our lines and fenders to minimize chafe from the.. Read More


We are now in Sitia, our last stop in Crete, before heading NE to Rhodes. Yesterday we took a bus ride back to Agios Nikolaos, a  very pleasant town with a good marina (overwintering potential) and lots of  restaurants. The mountain views on the switch-back road there were spectacular. The ride back in the dark was like a roller coaster as the driver was trying to make up time. Crete.. Read More

Passage to Crete

The three-day passage from Porto Palo, Sicily to Chania, Crete ended up being benign. We had time on our side which meant we could take it fairly slowly a lot of the time in the light northerly winds.  However, the old iron genny ended up being used more than we would have liked during a 23-hour stretch of practically no wind at all in the middle.  We each took 3-hour.. Read More


A couple of days in Nynashamn saw us catching up on laundry, borrowing W&K’s bikes so we could explore a little of the coast near the town, and then taking the commuter train to Stockholm and back. There is so much to see in Stockholm but we knew the Vasa museum was a must see so that was where we headed first. The Vasa was a war ship commissioned by.. Read More