Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic Cruising on board Mazu

Mallorca – the Coast facing SE

From Cabrera we had a pleasant enough sail with a bit of motoring to Puerto Petro.  The highlight of the passage was being accompanied by several, what we think were, bottlenose dolphins for a while.  One in particular seemed to hang around longer than the others, swimming off and then returning, rolling over to show his lighter colored underbelly as he approached our bow.  The water was so beautifully clear.. Read More

Islas de Cabrera

We had our best sail so far this year from Palma to Cabrera, a lovely reach in bright sunshine with one reef in the mainsail and adjusting the genoa to maximize our speed while not stressing us or the boat.  We tend to reduce sail early as it usually results in a much more comfortable ride while barely losing any speed.  We were often doing well over 8 knots so.. Read More