Barometer is climbing and the wind is subsiding but we are still sailing, just. This boat is quite amazing how she can slip along at 5.5 knots with 7 knots of wind. Although we enjoyed the progress of the last 3 days, clearly we were ready for a bit of a break from the intensity of it all; both of us had trouble keeping our eyes open during our night watches last night. However, we both slept soundly during our off-watch so are back to feeling human again. There’s even a loaf of banana bread baking in the oven! On the other hand, both we and the boat are in need of a shower. The former is to be expected and will be taken care of tomorrow most likely but the boat is another story. It has been one of the saltiest trips to date, the boat is caked in salt… as well as a few flying fish scales from two that decided to try out life in our cockpit two nights ago!