We finally resorted to seeking help from the engine about 10pm last night as our speed over ground had dropped to around 3.5 knots. We motored slowly overnight, heading in a northerly direction, but sadly it seems we are in a patch of very light airs that will likely persist throughout the day today. After about 13 hours of the noise, we tired of the noise and resorted to drifting ….. but at least we are drifting in the right direction and we seem to be getting a little help from some current. Chris Parker’s forecast, which is backed up by various other sources of weather, suggests that we don’t want to go much further north as there is a cold front north of us (a line of dark clouds north of us supports this prediction). So, we plan to stay close to our current latitude of about 36 degrees, 30 minutes north and wait for the SW-erly winds to fill in later today or this evening. It’s a good time to catch up on some reading, something that has been sorely lacking for us over the past several months.