For a break from boat tasks, we rented a car and explored a little of Lisbon and some of the Atlantic coast further south.  The car was also very useful for taking our propane tanks to one of the few refilling stations near Faro …. and for collecting Sonia from Faro airport late on Thursday last week.  First stop with her was anchoring off Portimao, about 7 miles east of Lagos before heading to Culatra island near Faro, where we may remain a little longer than we had planned as we seem to be having starter motor issues (again).

Mother and daughter during a break from a kyaking tour around the grottos near Lagos.
Portugal vs. Iran game for many spectators near the river in Lisbon. The World Cup has been very much in evidence since our arrival in Portugal.


Pena Palace in Sintra – a fairytale castle
Cascais castle and marina, a short walk from the Indian restaurant where we met up with Patrick and Rachel
A common sight of storks nesting atop unused chimneys, pylons, etc. This one was by the museum in Portimao.
Typical Portugese narrow cobbled streets; this one in Farraguda, a lovely town across the river from Portimao.
Happy parents with Sonia on Culatra Island, a wonderful low-lying sandy island near Faro
The church near where we land our dinghy on Culatra. Note no cars or roads, just tractors and concrete slabs for paths.
These are the boats that supply us with so much seafood. It seems the fishermen retain their skills of making and repairing nets.