Having returned to Gibraltar from Morocco yesterday and enjoying wi-fi again, I am posting a few images from before we left when we were berthed in La Linea Marina, just across the border and visible in the photo at the top of this blog on the other side of the runway.  We are now berthed in the marina on this side (still Britsh) of the runway with an excellent, close-up view of the planes landing and taking off.

Our Moroccan experience will be in the next blog…..

One of the many Barbary Apes, a.k.a Gibraltar monkeys, this one with her young clinging on.
The Gibraltar “monkeys” rule, commanding the best vista points and using any hand-holds or stepping stones (sometimes humans) they wish.
St Michaels Cave near the southerly tip of the rock. The cavern is so vast, it can host concerts seating up to 400 people and was prepared to be used as a hospital during WWII! The stalagmites/-tights were quite impressive.
One of the many cannons used during the Great Seige of 1779-1782 when Spain declared war with Britain.  It was during that period that the tunnels were dug with holes (embrasures) for guns to defend the narrow isthmus that connects Gibraltar to Spain.
The Moorish Castle, built in 1333 and the largest of such towers constructed in Al-Andulus, that overlooks the old town of Gibraltar. It was a great vantage point for all movements into the bay and though the straights.