We spent longer in the Es Nautico marina in San Antoni than anticipated but are feeling happier that we diagnosed and corrected intermittent vibration on the prop shaft.  We can recommend Louis who worked through the issue, to make several adjustments, and culminated in snorkeling to remove one of anodes we had placed on the prop shaft. He thought that the weight of the anodes close to the J/P bracket negatively impacted the balance; so far it seems to have worked

View out of San Miguel with Alex and Anna’s catamaran in the foregroung

So, this will be our second night at anchor after leaving San Antoni.  Last night we joined Alex and Anna in Puerto San Miguel, a lovely little anchorage.  This morning we decided to try out the Portinax anchorage, which not only will shorten our passage to Mallorca slightly but also has fewer boats anchored.  It is more commercial but still lovely as seen in the photo at the top of this post.

Tomorrow, assuming the weather meets forecast expectations, we should have a a pleasant 8.5 hours sail to Camp de Mar, Mallorca.

Mazu in Portinax