Saturday 18 October
The crew of Second Wind are all aboard, with a countdown checklist to get underway, heading south towards Rally HQ next Thursday. There is lots to do! The list includes fitting a new pool cover for the winter back at home in Downingtown, which still hasn’t arrived, and Hope needs new glasses, which her optician is reluctant to prescribe until her eyes have settled down, so there is an air of quiet panic as to how it’s all going to be achieved in time.

The sailing community at Worton Creek and Green Point laid on a farewell party on Saturday night, which was a great evening. Lots of amazing home cooked food including Irish soda bread and Shepherd’s Pie, and the most amazing Bailey’s sponge cake ever. All of this was accompanied by sound advice and seafaring tales of similar voyages, which put us all in the mood for the great adventure ahead.

We all rolled into our bunks feeling very contented and delighted by the warm wishes of the friends left behind in the creek.

Back to work in the morning…..skipper’s orders.