It’s amazing how everything just comes together in the nick of time 🙂
The new pool cover arrived, smart new sunnies and specs have been ordered, delivery to Rally HQ, and we’ve enough provisions aboard to cross the Atlantic west to east.

At this point it must be said that the boat looks gorgeous with its smart teak decks, the result of months of hard labour by Howard, and everything is fitted and sound to ensure our safe passage. The safety inspection next week will be a good measure of what still needs attention, but I think we are confident that the major items are in excellent shape. It just looks like a boat that should be taken into the ocean.

We spent our first night in our old favourite Annapolis, setting off around midday after completing all shore tasks. There was a lovely following breeze and the boat kept a good pace, so we arrived in good time.

From there, we looked at the passage plans to get us to Portsmouth Virginia by Saturday, and looked for a midway harbour for Friday night. Reedville in the Great Wicimoco River had a small marina attached to the fishing port, 80 nautical miles down the bay, so that seemed like a good plan. It did mean setting off in darkness at 5am in order to arrive in daylight, but we all agreed that was a good plan.

There is something lovely about watching the sun rise from the cockpit of a boat, and we were in great form, sailing all day with a reef and the staysail set, very comfortable in 25kts on the beam.

Reedville smelled of something fishy when we arrived, and the dozens of Pelicans waiting in anticipation on the dock summed up the local industry perfectly.

But it was Friday night, and the locals were out in force in the local pub, where we were treated to delicacies of barbecued Texan frogs legs, followed by liver and onions with mash and gravy.

Another 5am start tomorrow!