imageSo, we have been busy over the past few months.  Howard returned to the U.S. in mid-February to frigid weather to sort out our years of accumulating way too much “stuff”, off-loading about half of it either by selling or donating to charity and placing the remainder into a storage unit.  The house sale finally went through on March 31st….. Yippee!!  Meanwhile I (Hope) continued to work up until April 3rd.  Fortunately we have some very kind friends who put first Howard, then both of us up and made us feel quite at home while we tied up the last few ends.  Thank you ET and Joanne!  We spent our last few days before departing for the BVI with Sonia in Philadelphia, well at least the evenings anyway.   We were busy trying to ready the CS40 for a land survey  and a sea trial (this coming Tuesday) for a prospective buyer …. Keep your fingers crossed for us, please.

We arrived here in the BVI yesterday.  Boat is a bit dusty and has a good bit of weed on the bottom but otherwise seems to have survived our absence quite well.  We have started to plan our first trip to the Spanish Virgin Islands with 2 other boats, picking up our crew (Steve) from St. Thomas on Sunday, all being well.

Check back soon.  Hopefully we’ll keep the website updated with our travels.