Today was a good day. Thanks to several inquiries by the marina on our behalf, we found out that the package we had been waiting for would be delivered around noon today. So we worked on a few minor tasks around the boat in the morning, eagerly listening to channel 68 on the VHF radio in case the marina wanted to reach us. Finally around 1PM we heard that the parcel had arrived. So far we have not paid any extra … but that could still change. You can see the elation in Howard’s face in the attached.IMG_20150528_130522IMG_20150528_130601

Again, the marina staff were their usual friendly helpful selves. This kindly dock hand gave us a ride in his golf cart back to the boat (a 10-minute walk otherwise) so we could get started with the installation. We both breathed a sigh of relief when we compared the new to the old and figured there were no significant changes to prevent using the existing mount as is. After about 5 hours, the part was installed, and the water heater, the ICom antenna box and the engine coolant reservoir back in place. A check while in the dock indicates that the autohelm is functioning, the water heater is heating the water …. all that remains is to make sure the engine coolant is circulating the way it should but that task has been postponed until tomorrow.


So, assuming no issues with anything in the morning, the plan is to set off for Mayaguana, an entry port into the Bahamas, tomorrow afternoon. It will be another overnight passage, which we estimate will take us about 36 hours.