Hope's and Howard's Sailing Adventures

Atlantic Cruising on board Mazu

Weather to Sail

Friday Morning, weather briefing.  Even Patrick in Australia texted to say it’s a cliffhanger  🙂 So far we know we’re not leaving on Saturday, and probably not on Sunday, but we have all to be ready to go then.  As soon as this deep Low passes through, we are off.  The weather will be good to carry us across the Gulf Stream before the very light winds from the High that is to.. Read More

Food, one way or another

Thursday’s agenda started with an excellent lecture on rigging by a really practical professional rigger, with lots of simple tips and checks to ensure the mast and sails stay put! He also offered to come on board and check over the boat, and provided short term and longer term advice. He suggested increasing the diameter of the staysail sheets, for instance, as they will take a lot of load in.. Read More