….And it feels so good!  As we approached the impressive Cape St Vincent at the SW tip of Portugal we found there were a couple other ARC boats nearby, one (Betelguese) ahead and the other (Jubilate Mare) behind.  The water flattened out but the wind remained so we had fast sailing along the coast to the finish line just off the entrance to Lagos.  The marina is up the river, just past a drawbridge but we stopped off at the fuel dock, just before the bridge,  to check in and top up with some fuel.   Not only was Manuel from ARC there to guide us in and help us with our lines, but also the female owner of of the rather large, modern marina, to shake our hands and welcome us to Lagos.  The Portuguese certainly seem to be very friendly, helpful folk.

So, being rather sleep-deprived due to extended watches upon approaching and crossing the shipping lanes until docking, we were only capable of having a much-needed shower at the excellent marina facilitues and the joining other ARC folk for happy hour at the Lighthouse Bar.  Then sleep over took us.  Yesterday was a slow day, washing salt off sailing gear and the boat followed by a most enjoyable evening at Linda’s beach bar for BBQ chicken and ribs and getting to know yet more ARC folks, two of whom are from near Faversham and familiar with our dating stomping grounds in Kent …. And one of whom is a shipwright and has worked on Thames barges!

Now we have a few maintenance items to take care of before leaving Lagos, the water-maker which is leaking, and our primary electric winch which seems to need new pawls.  Hopefully we can get them sorted in good time so we can meet Sonia on the 28th a little closer to Faro.